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Orly FS2004, PMDG NGx

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  • ArezOne – Pitts S-1 Special Soundset
    Another soundset bas been prepared by ArezOne for FSX / FS2004 : Pitts S-1 Special for Lycoming AEIO360 engine with 200 HP.
  • Aerosoft – Paris Orly for FS2004 as well
    After the FSX version preview a few days ago, Aerosoft thought about their FS2004 customers. Look at Paris Orly airport in-game screenshots in this thread.
  • PMDG – 737NGX
    At least, Robert S. Randazzo revealed more informations and newer screenshots of the PMDG 737 NGX. Learn more about the detailed VC and framerates performance in PMDG forum.

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